Banjo Lounge 4 LIVE at The Jam House

Sat 29 June 2019

Edinburgh’s tweed flavoured heroes The Banjo Lounge 4 take classic pop, R’n’B, hip hop, bhangra, heavy metal & disco tracks and gives them all a touch of acoustic love.

Banjo Lounge 4 managed to creatively weave through (and often mash together) some of the best tunes from the last few decades. Metallica, The Wurzels, Punjabi MC and Beyonce to name just four artists whose music has now been interpreted in the BL4’s inventive, entertaining and tongue in cheek way.

So sit back and dig the sounds, you’ve just entered The Banjo Lounge.

They will be on stage from 8pm for an accoustic set and back at 10.30pm with the full band!

Looking after you between sets and then through the rest of the night will be DJ Steve Craven. He’ll be playing everything from golden oldies to present day chart toppers to ensure that you are dancing the night away!


Want to include dinner with your night?

Our restaurant will be open from 6pm-9:30pm this evening. To book your table call us on 0131 220 2321 or email for more information.